Herbert is mimicking the local wildlife.


Herbert is sitting in Queensland, New South Wales & South Australia at the same time.

Cameron Corner lies at the intersection of the New South Wales-Queensland border (the 29th parallel) and New South Wales-South Australia border (141st meridian). This is an iconic location, and one of the most visited destinations in outback New South Wales.  The locality was first visited by Europeans during Sturt’s Central Australian Expedition (Cameron Corner).

Herbert got to sit on a big plane in Woomera.

Herbert also got to sit on this cannon-like object.

But Herbert's favourite thing in Woomera was this missile.

Herbert is sitting in the dirt in Coober Pedy.

Herbert had to be careful where he walked in Coober Pedy.

Herbert liked Lake Eyre. There were lots of seagulls.

Herbert can see water in Lake Eyre.

Herbert is sitting on a camel sundial made of sleepers from the Ghan railway. This boosted Herbert's self-esteem a little bit.

Herbert is sitting on an Old Ghan train. He thought this was pretty intense.

Herbert had fun sliding down Big Red.

Herbert really liked the view.

This wonder of the outback is definitely worth seeing and provides an excellent challenge for all visitors. Follow the `Simpson Desert National Park` signs to approximately 41kms west of Birdsville (past the Police Station). Big Red is the first of 1140 sand hills (heading west) which run north-south for hundreds of kilometres. Big Red is believed to be the highest sand hill in the desert. A slow walk up is the way to go to appreciate its mammoth height. (The Outback Loop)

Herbert likes this sign.

Herbert found an opal in Quilpie.

Herbert outside the Charleville Scout Den.